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FLY-Motion presenting an exclusive project in the field of aviation simulation and entertainment – a true full motion flight simulator with cabin allows rotation in all 3 axises up to 360 degrees. The simulator provides a true feeling of flying with full simulation of flight and the ability to conduct an aerial combat based on games IL-2 Sturmovik: WINGS OF PREY and TOP GUN.  The simulator allows climbs and dives, turns and rolls including perfomance of an aerobatic maneuvers such as “death loops”, “barrel rolls”, both sides spins and a feeling of G-forces during the maneuvers. Thr reality of take offs and landings will leave you breathless. Not a single word more, come and try…

Full-motion simulator with a 360° revolving cockpit, which can move in all 3 dimentions, allows the simulator to be used even for a practical training of student pilots.

Dive into an environment of a real flight and gain an experience in aerial combat, feel the true freedom of flying.

Choice of game – aerial combats during WW2 (IL2: Wings of Prey) and modern fighter planes (TOP GUN: Hard Lock), Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X – very soon.

Selection of difficulty (realism) – children (max banking up to 60°); adults; realistic simulation demanding real skill and unforgivable for unproper piloting techniques.

Comense an aerobatic flight (“Death loops“, “barrel rolls“, “spins“ etc.); Feel the g-force pushing you into the seat and fly inverted to sence the Negative G, pulling you out of your seat. Realistic take-off and ladings will leave you breathless.

Controls by professional joystick, pedals an throttle, which makes the impression even more realistic